How were the trends of students of the College of Education at the University of Sana'a towards women education in Yemeni society in the early 1990s




Yemeni women have a very important historical and social position in virtue of the historical privacy of Yemen and the virtue of the agricultural economic nature, but the political conditions that Yemeni society has gone through since the beginning of the twentieth century contributed to the survival of entire generations of illiterate and illiterate, whose influence is still based on women's position and modern social roles.

And if it is difficult to talk about that past, it is also not easy to describe citizens' stampede towards education and their confusion in converting parts of their private homes into public schools and halls when education has become a constitutional right for all after the 1962 revolution. Women contributed financially and for everyone to build schools in villages and cities The country was when she had the opportunity to participate, which did not differentiate between a man and a woman.

It is preferable for these efforts. Society was able to overcome the dark distances from its life and the trend towards change during a short period of time compared to what was existing and the school was only one of the means that enabled it to do so, and that the woman was also seemed an important role in finding it, which increased the balance of her giving to her society, which did not possess the possibilities The materialism is sufficient to perceive, but he had the will to do a great event, which is the shift towards knowledge, so female enrollment in schools became a national necessity and a national duty required by the circumstances of the new stage expressing a strong desire to change [1] and with all the women's constitutional rights that the question is taking place at the present time about Women continue to play such a role first and the benefit that she and her daughters reaped from spreading education secondly after reaching various regions and under social conditions.


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