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Queen Arwa University Journal: A peer-reviewed scientific journal concerned with providing scientific production to researchers in both Arabic and English in various scientific fields. The first issue was published in the year 2005 . It is issued by Queen Arwa University on a semi-annual basis, specifically in the months (July and December) of each academic year


Title in Original characters: مجلة جامعة الملكة أروى
Title in English: Queen Arwa University journal
ABBR Abbreviation: QAUSRJ
ISSN (Print): 2226-5759
ISSN (Online): 2959-3050
Title DOI / CrossRef DOI: 10.58963/qausrj
Publisher: Queen Arwa University
Editor in Chief: Prof. Waheeba Ghalib Faree Al-Faqih
Frequency: Semiannual, half-yearly
Address: Queen Arwa University, 60th Faj Attan, Sana'a, Yemen.
E-Mail: info@qau.edu.ye
Phone: +967770445995
Website: https://journal.qau.edu.ye/index.php/srj
Publishing country: Yemen
Language: Multiple languages (Arabic English)
Disciplines /specializations/ Subjects: Multidisciplinary
Publication Fee: 200 - 250$.
Peer-reviewed: Double-Blind Peer-reviewed.
License: CC BY Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license
Content type: Electronic Online, Print Book.
Accessing Method: Open Access.
Articles Format: Print, PDF, HTML.
Circulation: (2).
First issue year: 2005.
Free Full text: Yes.
Manuscript Types: Articles, Original Research / Original articles, Rapid Communications / Short Communications, Review Articles, Case Studies, Case reports, Editorial Note, Conference proceeding, Reflective Essays, Research Briefs, Policy and Practice Briefs, Reactions, Commentaries, Book Reviews, Voices from the Grassroots Essays, Technical Report, Registered Report, Viewpoint, Commentary, Letter to the Editor, Introduction, Epilogue, Erratum.

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Current Issue

Vol. 26 No. 26 (2023): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 26
Queen Arwa University Issue: 26


Scientific research is one of the most important pillars of academic work and its basic foundations for distinguished higher education. Academic research is one of the important criteria for evaluating higher education institutions (universities, higher institutes, research centers) as well as their employees, as universities are always reclassified academically at the level every year. Local, regional and international.

Therefore, out of Queen Arwa University’s keenness to develop this vital aspect of the university’s life process, we were keen early on to encourage this aspect and exploit it appropriately in order to cover the previous objectives since the establishment of the first scientific journal at the level of Yemeni private universities, to which all university departments and colleges contribute according to their specialization and interests. Scientific.

From here came the abundant scientific diversity, and the engineering and medical sciences, computer sciences, and information sciences gained their place in this aspect, as the magazine covered an important part of them, along with other social sciences. The university mobilized the enthusiasm of its cadres of faculty members and researchers to contribute effectively, opening the way for all members of the teaching and scientific research bodies in Throughout the country and abroad to participate and contribute to the development of scientific research, including its pillars, visions, and interests, in order to advance this aspect.

The last issue of the year 2023 was one of the years that included, thanks to those working on producing this journal, clear progress in its mechanisms and standards. The process of developing it constituted a great momentum for publication and contribution, and it received broad commitment and diligent work from the scientific arbitration committees.

Therefore, I am pleased to lead this distinguished issue by congratulating everyone on this achievement and praising all the ideas and visions presented in the research of this distinguished issue. I hope that this success will be supportive of them and an incentive to continue giving and scientific excellence and an invitation to all minds to contribute to scientific giving, identify problems, present solutions and publish Visions and ideas that contribute to the development of our society, developing and modernizing scientific research in its various fields, and providing opportunities for all researchers to lead and nurture the seed of scientific development. May God help us to do what is good and beneficial for everyone.

Chairman of the Editorial Board
Prof. Waheeba Ghalib Faree  Al-Faqih

Published: 2023-12-31

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