About the Journal

Introduction to the journal:

Queen Arwa University Journal

Queen Arwa University Journal: A scientific journal that refines the scientific production of researchers in both Arabic and English in various scientific fields. The first issue was published in the year 2005 .

It is issued by Queen Arwa University semi-annually, specifically in the months (July and December) of each academic year.



International Standard Serial Number for Reprints of the Journal:

ISSN/P-ISSN: 2226-5759

The international serial number of the electronic publication of the journal:

ISSN Online / E-ISSN: 2959-3050






Vision of the Journal:

To be the Queen Arwa University Scientific Journal, a leading company in the field of scientific publishing and contribution to the field of knowledge in various academic fields.



Journal objectives

1. Promoting scientific research: The journal aims to enhance scientific research by publishing high-quality research in various academic fields.

2. Knowledge exchange: The magazine seeks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between researchers, academics and those interested by publishing and verifying scientific articles.

3. Developing the academic community: The magazine focuses on developing the academic community and contributing to raising the level of research, knowledge, and scientific development.

4. Promoting research ethics: The journal aims to enhance ethical standards in scientific research and encourage innovative, reliable, and properly researched research.




Publication/ Access Method:


Print version:

Queen Arwa University Scientific Journal, full version, published the full version in the revised version in the revised version / hard copy and distributed to all university, academic and national libraries according to the distribution plan for Queen Arwa University publications and obtaining them from the public library of Queen Arwa University.

Electronic version:

All articles of the scientific journal of Queen Arwa University are published in the journal system (Open Access).





Publication fee:

The Queen Arwa University Journal imposed a publishing fee of $200 only for all international publishers, and researchers applying for publications received discounts of more than 60% as an incentive for the office to develop scientific research in the region.


Exemption from publishing fees:

The Queen Arwa University Journal Awards grant exemptions in percentages in publishing fees to obtain publications that reach more than 60%, and completely exempt all affiliates of Queen Arwa University or academic friends of the university from publishing fees. Building, planning and community education.



Other fees::

The Journal of Queen Arwa Scientific University does not impose the approved model of the journal.




Intellectual property rights and Copyrights:

The intellectual and literary property of their scientific publications is retained, and the full copyright of these publications is transferred, and the Queen Arwa Scientific Journal is preserved under a Creative Commons license  CC BY,  which does not prevent others from re-participating and indexing them in scientific and educational databases with acknowledgment of the author and publication and reference to the site Sourced from the participating site, authors may use and link to articles on their own. Readers have the right to benefit scientifically from the published articles with open discovery in their research work and to cite them, with an explanation of the publisher, "Queen Arwa University Journal".




- Transfers that represent the journal to research papers and articles that express the journal that represents the destination to represent these papers. It must be ready to be submitted and presented by the researcher himself individually, and it does not reflect the position of the journal or its official policy.

- That the information presented in the research paper be used. The journal is responsible for the use of the information.

- It is based on teachers, allowances and other resources.

This disclaimer is intended to clarify that the journal does not bear any legal responsibility or liability for the use of information provided in research papers.