Vol. 2 No. 2 (2006): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 2

Queen Arwa University Issue: 2

Since the university started issuing the (University Journal) as a peer-reviewed scientific journal to document the discreet scientific and educational work, and to publish scientific research for researchers in order to achieve the greatest possible amount of distinguished scientific service, researchers continue to follow up on new publications and submit research after research for publication in the journal.
With this communication, those in charge of this work continue to feel its importance in the process of scientific research in Yemen, and it is a work that is characterized by two characteristics: the first of which is for this effort is a key to the experience of scientific research and benefiting from the pens of its experts and writers in the field, and the second is the transfer of research and experiences to their natural horizons in universities and centers Arabic research in it, and therefore to the reader and researcher wherever he is.
And if scientific research in its comprehensive manner does not mean confining it to one aspect of the different spheres of life, then our method in the journal is training on research concepts and generalizing it, which is what is called research and field training and publishing its results.
So the second issue of the journal will be issued with the intention of creating a link between higher education and its research aspects related to the Yemeni and Arab society, and this link aims to break the spatial and temporal monopoly of scientific research, and by spatial monopoly we mean that it is not limited to Yemen only, and that the temporal monopoly is not limited to a specific educational function or For researchers only.
Thus, this link becomes directed to all researchers and those interested in various aspects of economic, political and social development, which is the essence of our mission in this journal.
In issuing the second issue, the university did not fail to be guided by the previous experience and the experiences of other research universities. Here, our efforts are concentrated to serve the Arab community in overcoming the problems of development in its broad sense and the relationship of scientific research to it.
This magazine, while keeping pace with the message of scientific research, will not be limited to publishing scientific research that provides researchers with pathways and paths to carry out their research, but will be concerned with moving to the research field to provide those responsible for planning for development and scientific research with ways of evaluation, as well as providing them with the information and studies they need clearly, transparently, freely and with what can make their decisions.
And if the journal succeeds in being a mediator between researchers and decision-makers, then it will have succeeded in forming a working mechanism that is all that the researcher needs, which is for his idea to reach analysis and application, and as we need to issue a distinguished session, we will also have succeeded in laying a building block of scientific research and consolidating The relationship between researchers at the university and researchers in Arab universities. Perhaps it is fortunate that the second issue of this journal will be issued at the beginning of the academic year 2007. In this regard, we can only thank everyone who contributed to the submission of this work and to everyone who participated in writing the research for this issue. .
God grants success.

Prof. Waheeba Faree


Published: 2006-05-01

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