Vol. 1 No. 1 (2005): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 1

Queen Arwa University Issue: 1

When quality is associated with patriotism, the horizons of transformation in all its dimensions and goals become the basis for the holistic construction of the tributaries of life, foremost of which is the tributary of education, as it is the essence of planning processes related to management levels within the educational institution and within every economic, social and other institution. To manufacture and present it to society and the state through the outputs, this talk will not be of great benefit unless it leads to the creation of a new vision that can be adopted and approved in the updates that a healthy and appropriate environment is supposed to provide many of its elements to achieve maximum utilization of energies, capabilities and human and material resources without Eliminate creativity and innovation.
In this context, it should be recalled the necessities of integration between universities and their scientific and educational programs and curricula... When the base of integration begins to enter the stage of growth, and when manifestations of maturity and completion begin to appear in university circles, the requirements for success increase more than before. This development and this transition from the early stages to the stage of integrative growth constitutes a major challenge to the leadership mind of educational institutions, whether it is related to formal frameworks or to informal frameworks. On the path of assuming the joint responsibility that was and still is based on the enthusiasm and rapprochement of the workers in the administrative leadership and the non-stereotypical efforts they have been developing and exerting, provided that these efforts turn into innovative patterns applicable to the advancement of reality and the realization of the public interest of the university and its creative needs, as well as education and its outputs in accordance with the needs of society and the market together.
* Since the university is a source of radiation for the individual and society, every scientific and educational step is very similar to the social, political and developmental steps within the framework of the holistic view to maximize the size of the material and moral gains and values achieved by the university, because the need of life imposes the presence of analytical forms of social and economic reality dealing with the formation and development of strategies Which is based on the university's knowledge of its capabilities and capabilities and its understanding of the circumstances surrounding it.. According to this development, we see that the intensity and acceleration of developments nationally, regionally and internationally in this field or that, pushed or even dictated the university to be a living and active part in environmental, social, economic and ethical issues and in developing a set of Standards and controls that complicate the processes of intellectual and practical cross-pollination, and thus link the overall goals of the university to the procedures and decisions taken by the state and community organizations on the other hand. On this basis, the existence of a strategy based on sound standards in light of these circumstances and conditions will play an increasingly important role in life, as this strategy will be like a radar that indicates the university to the right and balanced directions or the pillar that maintains its balance, stability and growing development in upgrading the tributaries of life, including tributary 

Democracy... And we can say that the primary goal of the university was and will remain to achieve communication and communication between all the activities of society and its institutions and to advance them, and this matter has been proven true because it is an effective method to reach a general consensus on the goals, values and national identity of the university...
So...the university is a focus of new innovations and pioneering laboratories in the field of interlocking between the front edges of science and the sectors of work and society at the national level as a whole, in a way that guarantees security, safety, prosperity and development... And if the lists of university goals deal with the university's identity and its basic performance goals, then the role that The university plays it in this time to build and promote democratic values, no less accurate and clear than the organizational and practical goals on which the university institutions and performance measurements are based, especially those levels of performance that can be measured, estimated and tested.
We can point out here that democratic development has never been associated with or stemmed from influences outside the community, but rather it is an interactive and close reality between human awareness and maturity and the vision of the leading mind and its management of the affairs of the country and the people, starting from several facts in the forefront of which are:
1- Proper management is the basis for the success of any society seeking to achieve certain goals.
2- Management is the main incentive for humanitarian efforts, the orchestrator and organizer of these efforts and their human and material elements.
3- Management is the focus of major activities, orders and decisions, and the focus of individuals to receive, accept and implement decisions.
4- The supreme administration of the state considers man to be a supreme value in society, as the goal and the means together. Therefore, the administration works to achieve the objectives of the human being when he is its goal, and to achieve the goals of the state when he is its means.
• Then the topics of the magazine take us to the Yemeni folklore and the enrichment that fashion lovers control, groups and individuals within the community or within the political, cultural, social, economic and other elites.. Fashion and its diversity is a living element of the national identity of man. It has been successively cared for and cared for by generations after generations in order to preserve the touches of history, and to fulfill the ancestors and the traditions, values and inherited that strengthen the social, moral and management bond in all affairs and tributaries of life, while interacting and adapting to the developments of the times without copying the fashion of history and the ancestors or being copied from others. What harms and weakens the link of communication with identity and personality, without which a person remains and becomes, or is about to become, in the absence of grief.

• And if we cherish the heritage and originality and seek to deepen them in the souls of the youth and the young in order to be straight and inseparable from the chain of time stages of the generations of Yemen and the nation, then what is left by any strange development in the human psyche will only be in the interest of the present or the future alike, especially since Yemen and the Arab nation in general have been chosen by God to play great historical roles. Others have benefited from it and drawn lessons, meanings and lessons from it.. On this basis, any strange situation imposed on our reality cannot serve our lives.

And our reality, but it will be elements of demolition of our national and national specificity, whether in terms of education and education, their trends, and their outputs, and this is what we must alert to and warn of now and in the coming time, so that we do not run like a herd, to normalize with an imposed reality that is even alien to the body of the nation in everything. The impact left by the so-called normalization promoted by some is nothing but a disease intended to harm the nation and make it (the base) incapable of advancement and responsible disposition of its resources and the elements of its spiritual, material, historical and human strength. The nation, especially in the behavior of its ruling regimes, as well as the infernal industry that the enemies have prepared for it and prepared for it for decades, in making the factors of strength in the nation its weakness, exploitation, destruction and tearing.. Nevertheless, in this article we evoke the old saying: What wronged you was not going to befall you. And whatever afflicted you was not going to miss you, and know that victory and success come with patience, that relief comes with distress, and that with hardship comes ease.

• When planning is one of the functions and tasks of the state and a necessity to manage its affairs, at the same time it is considered an essential stage of the stages of integrated and comprehensive management and represents a period of thinking, management and comparison between the different methods and ways of working in the direction of correcting and choosing the best and most appropriate with the available capabilities and the nature of the goals desired to be achieved .. planning The economic and administrative is linked to collecting facts and information that help define actions and approaches to paths of change and reform that are commensurate with each stage and according to the development of society and capabilities. It is isolated from planning and its human and material requirements, as it is an intellectual and objective work that seeks, without stillness, to choose appropriate alternatives (solutions) to solve specific problems and bottlenecks from among a group of alternatives available to the decision-maker through the use of clear and specific criteria and in a manner consistent with the internal and external conditions that impede the process. State and society.
Within this vision, the reader finds one of the topics dealing with the economic and administrative reform pursued by the state in the context of the developments that impose themselves, provided that this is done in a coherent and homogeneous manner under a clear structure that ultimately leads to achieving the specific goals of economic development and what is intended by the adopter. The decision maker.

• Then the topics of the magazine meander us to deal with the nostalgia of the people of Andalusia for their homeland after their emigration from it in a historical and moral context integrated in perception, behavior and narration, which makes us in an emotional presence with the people of Andalusia and what befell them and their right of severe harm and damage during the Crusades and the accompanying destructive behaviors and deviations committed by the Crusaders Against the sons of Islam from the Arabs and others.

• Queen Arwa's journal also contains some summaries of master's theses that were discussed at Queen Arwa University, for the reader to benefit from and learn about the levels of scholars among postgraduate students from Yemen and the great Arab world.• Queen Arwa's journal also contains some summaries of master's theses that were discussed at Queen Arwa University, for the reader to benefit from and learn about the levels of scholars among postgraduate students from Yemen and the great Arab world.

Published: 2005-06-30

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