Publication rules



Criteria for preparing a scientific research paper:

1. Title of the paper: The title must be clear and concise, reflecting the content of the research, and written in both Arabic and English.

2. Preamble of authorship and publication information: the researcher must write his name in both Arabic and English, clarify his academic degree and academic affiliation, mention his e-mail and contact information, and write the date of publication / year of publication and place of publication.

3. Abstract: It includes a short and concise summary (in both Arabic and English) of the paper explaining the studied problem, objectives, methodology used, main results, and main conclusions. It must be clear and accurately reflect the content of the paper.

4. Introduction: Clarifies the central problem, clarifies the importance of the research, and provides theoretical guidance for action. It includes a review of relevant previous research and identification of existing knowledge gaps.

5. Methodology: Explains the research design used and the methods and tools used in data collection and analysis. It should be an accurate explanation so that the readers can repeat the study based on the details provided.

6. Results and Analysis: Presents results clearly and analyzes them in an objective and logical manner. Tables and figures can be used to illustrate the data. Results must be accurately documented and interpreted according to the specific objectives of the study.

7. Discussion and analysis: The results are analyzed and compared with relevant previous research. The results should be discussed comprehensively and in detail, the potential impacts and consequences explained, and the main conclusions drawn.

8. Conclusions: summarizes the study in general and presents the main conclusions and recommendations based on the findings. Conclusions must be strongly supported by evidence from the study.

9. References: All sources used in the study must be documented in accordance with the references format approved in the peer-reviewed journal.

10. Supplementary Materials: Sometimes additional materials such as additional data, charts or tables can be attached as attachments.

11. The research should be printed on the IBM system, font 14, and the font type Simplified Arabic   or use the official journal form for publication.


Publication procedures

1. Reviewing the publishing rules: Before submitting the research, the researcher must review the journal's guidance rules, check the standards required to coordinate the research, the submission requirements, and follow up on the dates of receiving publication requests and the dates of their issuance.

2. Preparing the research: The researcher organizes the research and writes it according to the approved scientific structure. Take care of the linguistic checking, coordination and scientific method, and ensure that the introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions are present in the research.

3. Formatting the research: The researcher coordinates the research according to the requirements of the journal, including the font, size, margins, and general formatting of the pages, and makes sure to review the final text to ensure that there are no errors in the article.

4. Submission of the research: He submits a request to publish the research to the journal through the journal's electronic system, or sends the request for publication to the official e-mail of the university, With the provision of the research summary, keywords and information required in the criteria for preparing the research paper.

5. The review process: After the research submission process, it will be subject to theoretical review, and arbitrators may be appointed to evaluate the research and express their comments and recommendations. The research committee may ask the researcher to make some proposed amendments before approval for publication.

6. Final publication: After accepting the research for publication, the researcher prepares the research for final publication with the help of the editorial team, coordinating the research, adding tables and graphics, and checking the references correctly.

7. Copyright: The publisher / researcher signs an agreement clarifying his literary and intellectual rights, through which he is granted exclusive publishing rights to the Queen Arwa University Journal.

8. Publication of the research: After the completion of the previous procedures, the research will be published in the scientific journal and will be designated for presentation to readers and the scientific community, with commitment to copyright, affiliation and academic degree.