Vol. 24 No. 24 (2020): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 24

Queen Arwa University Issue: 24

Dear researcher / reader, it is a great honor for the editorial family of the journal to communicate with you scientifically, and it promises to continue to present your scientific production, as long as your scientific giving continues. This issue, which is in your hands, is full of a rich scientific banquet with its multi-scientific topics that shed light on sports, law, management, culture, and banking and banking.
Despite the diversity of its fields of study, but in its entirety it presents, directly or indirectly, a coherent scientific subject, which brings theoretical and practical benefit to all human, social, political and economic entities, whether in Yemeni society or other societies.
To confirm our theory, we say that the elements of the interrelated scientific subject are: training, decency and objectivity, keenness to satisfy the target, prudence and courtesy, not ignoring the cultural dimension, taking direct and tort responsibility, and observing the legal dimension in administrative decisions issued by the entity. It is worth noting the importance of fitness in this matter: Fitness is the ability of an organism or entity to perform its role and accomplish its tasks with the required efficiency.
And since the event here is directed to the elite of researchers and readers, elaborating and delving into the details of the subject, which is clear by its nature, has a lack of tact in it. Accordingly, we hope that the researcher / reader and those interested in the topics raised will find what satisfies his scientific interest and drives him to further research and high scientific production.

Published: 2020-06-30

Scientific theses