The effect of training with weights on some elements of physical fitness for the development of strength characterized by speed for short-distance players


  • Prof. Essam Al-Maroui Queen Arwa University Author



Weightlifting sport, Fitness, gymnastics


Many countries of the world that are superior in athletics at the global level, such as America, Jamaica, some Arab countries, Africa, etc., have been interested in developing the physical fitness of short-distance players in general, believing that it is the basis on which the preparation and building of players at the global level is based, as the role that physical competence plays is evident. In modern athletics, which is characterized by rapid rhythm, whether in performance or competition with opponents under different competition conditions, which require a high ability of players to maintain effective performance throughout the race time (89: 3)
And since the nature of the short-distance competitions requires the player to have strength distinguished by speed, especially when starting quickly, i.e. the sprint, so that he can make a difference between him and the other players (previous competitors). (145:2)
         The methodology of this research depends largely on the exploratory aspect of the study, that training using weights, medical balls, and lead belts in exercises is derived from performance.
The development of strength distinguished by speed among juniors and youth for short distances improves their level of physical and technical competence.
In order to reach an initial solution to this problem and achieve the goals and hypotheses of the aforementioned research, the researcher conducted a field experiment on a group of 8 youth contestants (under 20 years old) from Al-Ahly Club, Al-Wehda and Yarmouk clubs, who are enrolled in the College of Physical Education, at the second level. The sample was divided into two groups, group (A) and group (B). Each group consisted of 4 competitors who practiced athletics for short distances. for a period of time ranging from 2 to 3 years.


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