Reading in the political thought of Ibn Khaldun




Ibn Khaldun is a manual science whose name is in the midst of medieval and modern history. He wrote about him, his works, and his many intellectual heritage. His introduction was widely known. It was circulated by pens in research, study, and analysis, and the leaders of political thought, social sciences, and research returned to it. Politicians, sociologists, economists, philosophers, and theologians dealt with it. And the people of history, and the people of moral and psychological education, and the people of natural sciences, and the sciences of chemistry and astronomy, and students of knowledge devoted themselves to reading it.

This is a brief reading of Ibn Khaldun's political thought, which did not satisfy his thought, and the intercession for its shortcomings is that it was not an independent research in it, and therefore it did not last long in the souls of his pioneering introduction, to which hearts and minds have always resided and where they crowded .. pens ... and what a masterpiece. Great, spreading branches and branches, dewy shadows abounding. Fresh greenery, foliage with wisdom, rejoicing with the fragrance of thought, and the fragrance of knowledge... How not? Its author, the ingenious genius Ibn Khaldun, entrusted it with the light of the eternal message and enriched it with his scientific experiences, and fed it from the sources of history, the ideas of scholars, philosophers, wise men, and the people of jurisprudence, hadith and opinion who preceded them and his contemporaries... Then it came - as he said - a strange doctrine, an innovated method, and a method with which he alerted Ain al-Qarihah is from the year of inattention and sleep, with all the foregoing references to his intellectual, social, political, economic and scientific encyclopedia, and with what he said from the obliterated one that is labeled as “inducing industry, strange crisis, plentiful waterwheel. Search found it, and opportunities led to it.” He did not leave perfection. No, what the cod has presented.


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