The financial market and economic, financial and administrative reform


  • Dr. Mohammed Ali Suleiman Queen Arwa University Author



The title includes the two most important sectors on which the state system is based in the modern era. The economy and administration, despite the strong connection between them, as the first (the economy or money) represents the fuel, without which the movement of the state stops with all its institutions and sectors, and even the individuals in it. It cannot flourish or improve without organized and accurate management, and then economic and administrative reform constitutes one interrelated and even integrated process. Reforming the economy cannot achieve positive results under bad and undisciplined management, and the effectiveness and efficiency of management is positively reflected in increasing economic growth. It - that is, management - moves the course of daily life in society and the state in general to its goal, and it is similar to administration today in terms of the center and importance in any state or administrative organization, the heart in the human body that provides it with movement and life. Living is like a body without a heart, and the rhythm of life in society cannot be regulated without management because it is the greatest fact of political, economic and social life. It is the responsibility of management to bring about a comprehensive renaissance in society.
It also reflects the close link between the administrative and financial reform programs in that efficiency is determined as a common goal that both the financial and administrative reform programs seek to achieve and carry with us an economic search represented in increasing production at the lowest cost. Therefore, administrative reform is supposed to be before financial, and then the title is: Administrative and financial reform and the financial market), where accurate and disciplined scientific management represents the sound basis for the success of any system in any town, whether economically, politically or socially. Like other systems that grow and prosper through the wisdom, prudence and accuracy of its administration, without management it is not possible to talk about an economy or estimate its growth priorities.
The financial market represents one of the means or methods resorted to by many countries in the stages of reform to support the economic or financial system, with which this market has become one of the important sources that help the rapid transformation of the economic system, as it raises its value - that is, the economy - and improves its level.


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