Methods of acquiring nationality in Yemeni law


  • Dr. Loei Tharesh Noman University of Aden Author



Yemeni nationality law, methods of acquiring nationality


The main purpose of this investigation is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing meteorological and hydrological data in order to assess the current hydrological and water resources situation. Water availability for the 20 Modern Irrigation Projects have been evaluated in terms of quantity and quality based on three models’ approach: Actual crop-water requirements as measured on field sites (FUs, GWSCP), pumping capacity of water volume per cropping type and time unit (m3/crop/hour) as combined with number of wells are used for calculating water abstraction. The average drop down level of water in a basin as compared to gauged renewable groundwater is contrasted. Expected impacts on the ground water system as a consequence of the implementation of the project components are assessed. The major outcomes of this investigation suggest a number of recommendations, which should be considered for suitable groundwater abstraction policies that would lead to the long-term sustainability in the proposed irrigation projects areas making an end for further groundwater depletion. Therefore, saved water resulting from the implementation of the projects will contribute to the augmentation of aquifers recharge.


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  • Dr. Loei Tharesh Noman, University of Aden

    Associate Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Aden
    Phone: +967733539823


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