Vol. 22 No. 22 (2019): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 22

Queen Arwa University Issue: 22

Editorial: They are the enemy

All wonders come from the intellectuals of the nation. Those, who are considered actual guides to enlighten young people with ways to protect their future, yet they have lost their way, and bequeathed to the nation all that it suffers from.
These intellectuals were, and still are, knowing with certainty that the countries of the West, especially America, are the true and actual enemy of the nation, and they kept repeating the phrase: The West is the enemy, the West is the enemy...etc. The days revealed that the West is clear from the first moment in its goals and aspirations, and knows what it wants and from whom it wants what it wants. Through the installation of corrupt rulers, it became clear that the real enemy of the nation is its intellectuals. Is it time to warn against the nation's intellectuals, who have proven their cheapness and humiliation to themselves, may God kill them.

As the common saying goes, castles are only demolished from within. Intellectuals were the tool of the West in falsifying the nation's consciousness, and senior officials in societies were anti-Western. The historical event is repeated, and the West continues to impose its hegemony and tutelage on our countries, so societies mobilized to resist it. And my cousin Ali Al-Gharib.
And you, dear reader, see and hear the dominance of the West over us, and that it imposes itself as a trustee and mediator to solve our problems that it ignited, and the most prominent examples are the case of Syria, Yemen and Libya. Add to this his contradictory positions on the same reality; He supports Turkey on the issue of Syria, and does not move a finger on the issue of Turkey in Libya, isn't one of you a rational man?
It is worth noting that this issue contains research devoted to explaining the American policy towards Jerusalem. Everyone knows the nature of the hostile American policy towards the Palestinian cause, however, the Palestinian leaders ignored America's lack of neutrality, which emerged in Trump's recent position on declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and Netanyahu's adoption of the latest peace project and considered it an American project, and called it the "deal of the century."
As for the other six studies, they are far from the course of events in the Arab and Islamic region. It sheds light on traditional topics of interest to researchers such as investment, grammar, drafting marriage contracts, sports, and the Qur'anic text. Researchers have made remarkable efforts. We hope that researchers and those interested, graduate students, and specialists will find something that enriches their studies and research, so that the benefit will spread and knowledge will be enriched.


Editorial Presidency

Published: 2019-06-30

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