Vol. 11 No. 11 (2013): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 11

Queen Arwa University Issue: 11

Dear researcher/reader
In light of the ongoing transformations in Yemen, and within the framework of the relentless pursuit to develop the university's capabilities in community service through education and scientific research and linking them to its development, this distinguished issue of the Queen Arwa University Journal is issued. This issue included a group of diverse studies with their topics and methodologies by a group of researchers from different Arab universities and countries whose research constitutes a qualitative addition to the magazine's balance.
  The editorial board of the journal deeply believes in the fact that scientific research in all its forms and levels derives its value, distinction and effectiveness from its free pursuit in various creative, intellectual and scientific ways and tools to serve societies and meet their needs. And as an embodiment of this belief, the selection of directions and contents of this issue was as follows:
1- Addressing problematic issues and contributing to their solution, such as: the issue of the system of government and activating control over rulers, the issue of the modern civil state, the issue of equal citizenship and citizenship education, and the issue of administration in an era of globalization.
2- Evaluating, developing, and improving a situation, such as: evaluating the impact of the party system on administrative control, the status of wills in Sharia and law, the reality of sustainable social development, and the natural ingredients for tourism.
3- Dealing with a danger, removing it, and avoiding it, such as: the crime of aiding the enemy and the position of legislation on it, and the plots of Satan and ways to prevent them.
4- Understanding the needs of society or an entity and being creative in meeting them, such as: guarantees of the independence of local councils, and seeking guidance from the Holy Qur’an in understanding cosmic phenomena such as the night phenomenon. In any case, these issues and areas discussed in this issue are considered as development requirements and higher societal needs that are met through scientific research as a creative activity.
The commitment of those in charge of editing the journal and its participants to scientific methodologies, and opening its doors to the distinguished scientific research energies of researchers, academics and creators, is what made it flourish and strengthen, which confirms the sincere intention and sincere determination to continue to embrace scientific research in its various directions at Queen Arwa University and its journal.

     Editorial Board

Published: 2013-12-31

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