Vol. 25 No. 25 (2020): Scientific Journal Referee Issue: 25

Queen Arwa University Issue: 25

God - and the Arab ruler

More than fourteen centuries have passed since our Arab and Islamic nation did not entertain the sun of humanity, which was confiscated by its rulers, and only God knows how much time remains for this sun to rise. It is fortunate that the research in this issue is diverse and in different fields and topics, and this is what prompted me to write on this subject.
God Almighty says about his actions, and the results of his actions that he is above accountability. As for what is below it in terms of creation, they are questioned:

 He is not questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned.

  This saying is the truth of divinity, and that whoever disputes with God in what he singled out for himself has elevated his position to that of the Creator.

And our Arab rulers, since after the caliphate until the present day, are working tirelessly to be gods, as Pharaoh before them did. This is what Netanyahu suffers from prosecution, and there are many examples of that. As for our rulers, the first thing they do upon assuming power is harnessing all the state's military and security institutions to ensure that they remain in power, and the citizen becomes guilty until proven innocent. As for the ruler and his family and those who are close to him, they are above accountability, and thus they have elevated their status to the status of sanctification. Are they new gods? If that is the case, let them announce this so that they may receive the required reverence.

We ask God Almighty to bless us with the sunrise...

Published: 2020-12-31

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